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Armada con un láser de minería y un lanzador de explosivos.

Gox es una gran nave espacial Corpus con un láser de minería de rayos múltiples y un lanzador explosivo conectado desde su cuello. Es la primera unidad pesada Corpus del espacio. Tras su muerte, explotará inofensivamente y engendrará 4 Drones Langostas.


  • The arms can be shot off by damaging them enough, making the fight easier.
    • If both arms are destroyed it will explode after a couple of seconds.
    • After the Gox self-destructs, it will spawn 4 Drones Langostas, but will not spawn them if its death is caused by the player.
    • No matter if arms were shot off or not, the death animation still includes both arms detaching from the body.
  • The Gox is incapable of using its heavy weapons at targets too close to it, making it highly vulnerable to melee attacks.


  • Like multiple other Archwing units, the Gox clips into the floor when viewed within its Códice entry.