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Frenesí Salvaje is a Weapon Augment Mod for Grakata y Grakata Prisma that gives it an Disparo alternativo which unleashes all remaining rounds in the magazine as a single full-automatic burst with increased Cadencia de fuego. Killing at least 2 enemies with its secondary fire will refund a percentage of the ammo used.


Rango Cadencia de fuego Ammo refund amount Coste de capacidad
0 200% 25% 4
1 220% 40% 5
2 250% 55% 6
3 290% 70% 7
4 330% 85% 8
5 400% 100% 9


Frenesí Salvaje can be obtained by reaching Rank 14 with Onda nocturna during Series 1.


  • This mod cannot be used with the Grakatas gemelas.
  • Abilities and mods that modify Cadencia de fuego have no effect on this Disparo alternativo mode. As a result, mods like Precisión vil y Retraso crítico only provide their benefit.
  • Aiming will be disabled during the burst, hence the Disparo alternativo cannot benefit from Mod de Acólito.
  • Ammo is refunded into the ammo pool, not the magazine. Hence, the player still has to reload the weapon after killing two or more enemies.
  • Because all remaining ammo is ejected, increasing magazine capacity such as with Cargador deformado will extend the burst.
  • If buffed with unlimited ammo such as from the Reactant Buff, the weapon will only fire its magazine amount at a time, with small delays between each trigger pull.
  • Any action that would cancel the salvo, such as Rolling, while there is ammo in the magazine, would render the refund effect null thus requires killing 2 enemies again in order to have the reload in effect.

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Revisión 24.5.7
  • Now scales the Ammo refund amount with its rank.
    • 25, 40, 55, 70, 85, 100%

Actualización 24.3

  • Introducido.
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