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The Ferocidad mod allows the Kubrow Sahasa to use finisher attacks on enemies.

This mod is unique to the Sahasa Kubrow and will be granted to players upon incubating of a Sahasa Kubrow.


Rango Daño de remate Coste de capacidad
0 +20% 0
1 +40% 1
2 +60% 2
3 +80% 3
4 +100% 4
5 +120% 5


  • Shares the same function as the Salvajismo mod.
  • The Kubrow will be wrestled down onto the ground if it fails to kill its target, leaving it vulnerable for a few seconds.


  • If the Kubrow is smaller than the target and begins to wrestle with the enemy, it might grow in size for the duration of the ability. (Confirmed, especially in extreme cases. Such as wrestling with the Juggernaut Behemoth)
  • Note, rarely, the size increase may not disappear after wrestling with any enemies, resulting in a significantly enlarged Kubrow.
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