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Explosión adhesiva es un mod que allows weapon-fired grenades to stick to surfaces.


Rango Stick Chance Coste de capacidad
0 +17% 4
1 +34% 5
2 +51% 6
3 +68% 7
4 +85% 8
5 +100% 9


  • Explosión adhesiva was added in Actualización 17.0.
  • This mod can be equipped on the following weapons:
  • When equipped, this removes the grenade's immediate explosion; it will not explode until the 'fuse' duration reaches its limit.
  • In Actualización 17.10, Explosión adhesiva now gives 17% per rank and reaches 100% at full rank.
  • In Hotfix 19.13.1, Explosión adhesiva now works on primary fire of the Javlok.


  • Pre-Actualización 19.10, with the exception of the Zarr and Javlok, Explosión adhesiva possessed the ability to deal damage over time and Proc efectos de estado, this was later revealed that the ability of stuck projectiles to deal a DoT was unintentional and was removed.
    • Additionally, if Explosión adhesiva was equipped upon a manually detonated projectile such as the Penta's grenades, the damage over time effect would apply indefinitely due to the grenades' lack of fuse time.

Patch HistoryEditar

Actualización 19.10
  • Fixed Explosión adhesiva's unintentional ability to cause stuck projectiles to deal damage over time and Proc efectos de estado.

Hotfix 19.13.1

  • Fixed Explosión adhesiva not causing the Javlok explosion to stick and pause for a while (through primary fire).

Hotfix 19.0.4

  • Fixed the 'Adhesive Blast' Mod not working on the Zarr.

Actualización 17.0

  • Añadido.
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