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Excavar es un mod allows the Kubrow Sahasa to dig up items upon the battlefield. They will be able to dig up random ammunition types, health orbs, energy orbs, small amounts of credits, and occasionally mods.

This mod is unique to the Sahasa Kubrow, and will be given to players upon incubating a Sahasa Kubrow.

Cooldown is ~15 seconds on all ranks. Cast time is ~5 seconds.


Rango Success Chance Coste de capacidad
0 +45% 0
1 +90% 1
2 +135% 2
3 +180% 3
4 +225% 4
5 +270% 5


  • 270% success chance means that the Kubrow will always dig up two items with a 70% chance of a third one.
  • When in use, the Kubrow will stop at a location and paw along the ground for 5 seconds, before barking twice to alert players of its find.
  • The mods that may occasionally be dug up are taken from the same mod list used by Vacío Orokin containers.
  • In Survival missions, the Kubrow has a chance to dig up a life support module.
  • The Kubrow can prioritize items depending on their master's needs: if their master needs energy, Energy Orbs are retrieved, if they need ammunition, the relevant ammo type is retrieved, etc.
    • The thresholds for energy and health seem to be 80% capacity.
    • Ammo is retrieved upon not having full reserves.
  • Kubrow does not dig if the player is attacking anyone or taking damage.
  • Dig cannot be cast in one place twice in a row. Kubrow must move elsewhere to recast (30m should be sufficient) at least once before moving back to the same spot. [1]
  • Kubrow can dig even in places on tilesets where normally finding such items in the floor/ground should not be possible. (i.e. Nave Corpus)


  • After a certain amount of uses the cooldown can sometimes increase up to several minutes.

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