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The Espectro Knave is a Espectro that appears in La arboleda plateada quest. The first of the titular Grove's guardians, it is summoned by using the Nightfall Apothic on the Grove's Shrine. Players can choose to summon the Knave Espectro again by encountering the Shrine on any Bosque Grineer mission and using another Nightfall Apothic.

The Espectro can use all of the abilities of the Loki Warframe, with the difference of his 1st ability, Señuelo. The Espectro Knave can create decoys that link to the Espectro and reflect damage back on to the player, with more than 1 decoy present. When the Espectro Knave uses Desarme radial, the player is knocked to the ground and left with only the use of melee weapons for a set period of time.


  • As with all the Grove's Specters, the Knave Specter cannot be pickpocketed via Merodear. They are also immune to Atlas' Petrificar and Ash's Teletransportación stagger therefore cannot be affected by Mirada mineral nor can be made open to Remates.
  • Like the other Grove specters, he can be spawned in the Simulacrum.
  • Attacking the main specter while there are clones linked to him will reflect damage back to the player.
  • If the specter manages to get close to the player, his melee attacks CAN stunlock and guarantee a death. It is strongly recommended to keep some distance.
  • Both the Knave Specter and its decoys can be scanned. The decoys can be scanned every time they show up, but the Specter can be scanned only once per mission.

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  • When spawned in the Simulacrum, the Knave Specter will use the default Loki Skin with the Knave Helmet and the Hulta Armor.

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Revisión: La arboleda plateada 3
  • Silver Grove Specters now spawn at a minimum level of 25, and gain 3 levels for each Specters spawned.

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Actualización: La arboleda plateada

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