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Una avanzada hoja que brinda altos daños en ataques cargados. Proporciona un gran porcentaje de golpes críticos.
The Espada de plasma is a Tenno sword exclusive to Alert missions, specializing in damage.

Este arma puede ser vendida por 5.000 Credits64.

Requisitos de fabricación
Tiempo: 12 hrs
Acelerar: 25 Platinum64
Precio del MarketIcon: N/A Precio del Blueprint2: N/A

The Plasma Sword blueprint can only be acquired from Alert missions.


This weapon deals damage.


  • Innate damage, making it effective against Robotic and Machine enemies.
  • Good status chance.
  • Has a good base critical chance.
  • Jump attack has 100% chance to proc status effect.
  • Once you find the blueprint, it's very easy to make (сrafted using easily obtainable resources aside from the Orokin Cell required to craft it).
  • Stance slot has a WardPol polarity, matching Fénix de hierro and Acero naciente stances.


Configuraciones para el armaEditar


  • Jump attack animation is slightly slower than normal, after hitting the ground it takes a moment for you to swing it down. However, when it does, it can knock down a group of enemies in an average radius. 
  • Has a good critical chance and good critical damage, can be worked toward crit-builds.
  • With Fénix de hierro stance, it will always proc  status effect at Taking Flight's final hit.
  • The forced proc for its jump attack is a standalone element that is not affected by the element of the normal attack, ex. adding a Viento del norte mod to create element will still make the jump attack deal proc.


  • The plasma sword uses the smaller model of the pre-update 11 Gram but with a different color scheme.
  • Before Actualización 13.0, the Plasma Sword dealt Physical damage like most melee weapons. It now deals damage, making it the fourth melee weapon to do so after the Amphis, Prova, and Lecta.

Patch HistoryEditar

Actualización 17.2.4
  • The Plasma Sword now has had its Status chance increased to 100% and its damage reduced to compensate.

Actualización 17.2

  • Plasma Sword can now be used in Conclave.

Actualización 10.3

  • Fixed missing elemental FX for Plasma sword.

Actualización 5.0

  • Plasma Sword introduced.

See alsoEditar

  • Alertas, the way you acquire the Plasma Sword.
  • Lecta, Electricity based whip.
  • Prova, Electricity based baton.
  • Serro, Electricity based polearm.
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