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Strange stone lifeforms that call the Plains home. They are a rare find, clustering together, floating above a patch of ground they've taken inexplicable interest in. They are an enigma.
—In-Game Description

Cetus Wisp are commonly found near the water on The Plains of Eidolon. They do not behave as usual drops, but can be picked up by walking directly on them.

These wisps will be needed every second level of standing for the Ostron syndicate.

The wisps are also a much used crafting component in any Operator cosmetic blueprint and Amps component blueprint bought from The Quills.


Cetus Wisp will stay at the same location, floating around, until approached by the player. If not picked up quickly, it will circle a few seconds moving towards the sky, and disappear in a small burst of light.

Gathering tips

These are based on few early opinions and may not be true. Please share your experience until better facts are proven.

  • They seems to mostly spawn a few meters away from water
  • The biggest lake at the center often spawns 1-2 at night (Not necessarily, can be just about any source of water. Also, contrary to some, time of day does not seem to play a factor in wisp spawns.)
  • Loot Detector can be used to find them.
  • The same wisp spawn is present for all players in the instance.
  • Resource Booster works and doubles the amount of wisps gathered.


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