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Escudo de sombras es un mod de aumento de warframe que permite a Nekros to transfer a percentage of damage he receives to any active Sombras de los muertos minions within 50 meters.

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Rango Damage transfer Coste de capacidad
0 3% 6
1 4% 7
2 5% 8
3 6% 9

Adquisición Editar

  • Puede ser obteniendo de dos sindicatos distintos:
    • La Secuencia Perrín, teniendo el rango de Socio y gastando 25.000ReputationLargeBlack para obtenerlo.
    • Velo Rojo, teniendo el rango de Exaltado y gastando 25.000ReputationLargeBlack para obtenerlo.


  • Each Shadow linked to Nekros will take a percentage of damage in his stead. Total damage reduction is determined by the number of Shadows linked to Nekros.
    • Damage transfer percentage is linearly affected por la fuerza de habilidad up to a cap of 90% damage reduction. This is obtainable by increasing fuerza de habilidad to 214%, assuming all 7 Shadows are active and linked to Nekros.
    • By cloning summoning units such as maestros Drahk o Técnico Corpuss and having those summon their respective minions, it is possible to have more than 7 Shadows. These minions behave like normal Shadows and the ability icon will show the increased number of shadows. They will be linked to Nekros, suffer from health decay and contribute to the damage reduction, which is, however, still capped at 90%.
    • Link range is affected por el rango de habilidad.
  • While Sombras de los muertos is active, Nekros is linked to all his shadows within range via energy threads of the chosen energy color.
  • While linked, Nekros will gain knockdown immunity.
  • Damage mitigation only begins at the end of Sombras de los muertos casting animation, when all shadows have spawned and Nekros is visually linked to them.


  • While the damage reduction from the augment is capped at 90%, one can potentially push this further by including Despojar and Conversión de salud in the build. This would give Nekros a rather consistent 1415 armour equating to about 82.51% damage reduction. When taking both reductions into account, this brings Nekros to a total of about 98.25% damage reduction.


  • A link or two may persist well beyond the range limits of your current build, e.g. you being linked to a shadow 100+ meters away even with a reduced range build. This will cease once the shadow you are connected to dies however.

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