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An insignia that projects a holographic image of the clan emblem. Requires your clan's Warlord to upload an image of the clan emblem.
—In-Game Description

When equipped, a device will be placed on your Warframe's right shoulder, displaying the emblem of your Clan.
The image is a Lotus symbol by default. Once your clan's warlord has uploaded an image for the emblem, the default image will be changed to the custom image.

It can only be acquired in the Mercado for 30 Platinum64 Platinum.

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Upload option is only available for Warlords.

  • Go to your Account Management tab to upload your Clan's image.
  • Image must be a 128x128 pixels .PNG file.
  • Upload fee is 150 Platinum64 Platinum.
  • Optional change fee is 150 Platinum64 Platinum.
  • You may preview your Clan Emblem before uploading it. Note that the lighting and effects may not be accurate. (See Notes section below.)
  • Upon approval, the image will be implemented in the Clan Emblem in the nearest game hotfix or update.
  • Do not upload offensive and inappropriate images. If your image is rejected, you will receive an email from the developer regarding the rejection.
    Your Platinum, however, will not be refunded.
  • Check Warframe's Terms of Use Agreement, Section 5: User Content for further information of acceptable submissions.


To equip your newly bought Clan Emblem:

  1. Go into the Arsenal page
  2. Mouse over your Warframe
  3. Click Appearance
  4. Click Regalia

The Emblem will be under Clan Emblem.

You can also apply it on your Compañeros by mousing over your companion and clicking Appearance, Regalia, then click Clan Emblem.


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The Clan Emblem will be affected by:

  • Bloom
  • Motion blur
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Local Reflections
So the designer should carefully consider the color and contrast of the emblem. A whiter emblem will be shown as a particularly strong flashlight. An example guide can be found here.

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