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Eludir Eludir simbolo
Esquiva todos los proyectiles entrantes, pero solo mientras no se ataca. Utiliza esta habilidad de nuevo para desactivarla.

Energy Drain: 2.5 s-1

Misc:0.2 s (reactive delay)
0.6% (Restraint erosion per attack dodged)

  • Baruuk enters a stance that causes incoming enemy projectiles and melee attacks to harmlessly phase through his body at angle of 120° / 130° / 150° / 180° relative to the direction Baruuk himself is facing (not the player's camera), but only while not attacking.
    • Evasion angle is affected by rango de habilidades.
    • Casting speed and deactivation speed are affected by Talento natural y Derivación rápida.
    • Attacking counts as any form of firing a weapon or during a melee animation. Charging a gun does not count as attacking but charging a melee does.
    • After attacking, there is an approximately 0.2 second delay before Elude reactivates. The delay will start once a gun has stopped being fired or after a weapon is holstered when using quick melee.
  • Synergy: While Elude is active, the seeking range of Manos vanas daggers is doubled.
  • Elude consumes 2.5 energy per second while active and will remain active until Baruuk's energy is depleted, or the ability is deactivated by pressing the ability key again.
  • Baruuk's Contención erodes by ~0.6% per attack dodged.
  • Baruuk's idle animation changes to a nonchalant-looking stance as his torso visibly vibrates constantly while Elude is active. Flowing Void energy waves emit from his upper body to visually represent the angle of evasion.
    • Evaded attacks cause transparent holes to briefly open at the contact spots on Baruuk's body, while a stream of energy particles move through at high speed as each hole closes.

  • 360° dodge can be achieved with a minimum of 200% Ability Range.
  • Pairs well with weapons with a charge trigger type, since Baruuk doesn't take damage while charging the weapon until firing.

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