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Eclipse total is a Mirage Mods de Aumento de Warframe for Eclipse that allows it to grant its bonuses to nearby allies.


Rango Efecto Radius Coste de capacidad
0 25% 3 6
1 50% 3 7
2 75% 4 8
3 100% 5 9



  • Range is affected by rango de habilidades.
  • Mirage's own lighting conditions do not matter. If an ally in range is standing in the light, they will get a damage bonus. If an ally in range is standing in the shadows, they will receive damage reduction.
  • Effect is applied/removed continuously based on proximity, rather than only applied when Eclipse is initially cast.
  • Eclipse's bonus effects are not shared with Compañeros.
  • Eclipse currently does not increase the damage of abilities (like Jabalina radial, Terremoto de sonido, or any other abilities).
  • Eclipse's bonus will add separately from other damage-bonus augments (such as Fuerza de congelación), though it will still affect modded elemental values when applied on weapons.


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