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Boosts Grineer morale while weakening enemies.

Propaganda Drones are Grineer flying drones with flapping, accordion-like wings deployed by Consejero Vay Hek's Terra Frame that bolster the abilities of nearby Grineer units while debuffing Tenno. While identical in appearance to Orbital Strike Drones, Propaganda Drones have teal coloration.



  • Propaganda Drones should be priority targets as their aura can impair players while buffing Consejero Vay Hek and other Grineer forces in the area.


  • Unlike other Grineer automatons like Rodillos o Reguladores that are considered Maquinaria, Propaganda Drones have robótico as their primary hit points.
  • Nyx's Mind Control will cause the drone to buff allies and debuff enemies. The buff will also heal nearby Tenno for 3 health per second.
  • A Gift Of The Lotus Alerta that appeared on January 23, 2015 featured Propaganda Drones as the only Grineer enemy on the mission.


  • Consejero Vay Hek can deploy up to 2 Propaganda Drones at once, which hover slowly above the field. They constantly emit a field that buffs the damage and defenses of any nearby Grineer. At the same time, Tenno within range have their maximum shields reduced.


Disruptor Drone General Misceláneo
Añadido : Sin determininar
Escenario La ley de la retribución (Pesadilla) Escaneos de Códice 10
Arma Morale Booster
Shield Scrambler
Nullifier Field
Otras Recompensas None
Estadísticas Botín de Mods None
Robótica 200 (Eximus)
+ - - -- -
- -- - - 
Gas n Gas

- - -
Armadura de ferrita 25 (Eximus)
Perforación b 
Corrosivo b 
Impacto b 
Cortante b 
Calor b 

Frío b 
Eléctrico b 
Toxina b 
Explosión b 
Radiación b 

Gas b 
Magnético b 
Viral b 
Nivel Base 1

Disruptor Drones are special type of Grineer drones that only appears in the nightmare version of La ley de la retribución. As a support unit, they usually float across the battlefield while spreading the nullifier field. Like Bursa Aislador's nullifier field, players can shoot through the field, serving only as a support field.

They were added in Actualización 16.5.

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