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Tusk Seeker Drones are Grineer flying drones with flapping, accordion-like wings, that are deployed by Grineer Tusk Lancers, Tusk Seekers and Piloto Dargyns. They have the ability to call in reinforcements by firing off Fosfor flares, and will do so more quickly if the number of nearby Grineer dwindles. It is very easy to get overwhelmed by incoming forces if these drones and their masters are not dispatched in a timely manner. After they are deployed, their presence is indicated by the chirping electronic noises they make.

Reinforcement Variants Editar

The flare color indicates the type of reinforcements being summoned:

  • Red: Additional Firbolg-platoon.
  • Pink: Additional Bolkor-platoon.
  • Purple: Drop-pod platoon on flare location.
  • Blue: Tusk Dargyn air support.
  • Green: Tusk Ogma bomber support.

Notes Editar

  • Seeker Drones have health decay, and self-destruct after a time.
  • Cannot be pulled by Nidus' Larva

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