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Fires slow moving projectiles that inflict moderate damage.
Dregs are Grineer combat spacecraft found in mining asteroids. Their primary weapon is a spherical projectile that homes in on its target and then explodes with small AoE with the chance of a proc.


  • Dregs will move straight at the player until they are close enough to shoot.
  • Their fire rate is low, so when they shoot the player can gain distance and fire at them with their Archcañón. Alternatively, the player can dive in and deliver melee attacks.
  • Killing these enemies are easy compared to Dargyns, which tend to have stronger weapons and durability.
  • The projectiles shot by Dregs move slowly, allowing players to simply outrun them. Alternatively, the Odonata's Desconcierto power can throw the projectiles off course with the blast radius being small.

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