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Draga are the simplest and most-common of the aquatic enemies which can spawn in underwater areas of the Laboratorio submarino Grineer tileset. They wield the Harpak and usually move fairly slowly through the water, though they will move faster upon spotting a player.


  • Will frequently attack players from above or below – relative to the direction the player's Archwing is facing – using their ability to move freely in three dimensions as a method to attempt flanking maneuvers.
  • If there is cover nearby, Draga will sometimes attempt to retreat at least partially behind cover while shooting at the player with their Harpak.


  • Look for the brief bubble-trails left-behind by the shots fired from their Harpak to trace them to their location of cover.
  • If using Odonata or Odonata Prime, activating Armazón de energía (default 1 ) will allow you to approach their defensive positions with relative impunity.

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