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Disparo Calculado is a Precept mod for the Diriga Centinela that allows it to engage enemies within sight with a long-range shot. Keep in mind that Diriga will use this ability regardless of the weapon equipped, which has interesting consequences when using Barredora or Láser de ráfagas.


Rango Radio Coste de capacidad
0 40m 0
1 46m 1
2 52m 2
3 58m 3
4 64m 4
5 70m 5


  • Range indicates the maximum distance it attacks a target, however it will keep firing on the engaged target a few meters beyond maximum distance until Diriga disengages its target.
  • If used in tandem with a burst fire weapon or one with considerable delay and flight time, Diriga will not switch target until after the burst has finished or the weapon has finished its cycle.
  • Due to the nature of the pre-charge, weapons that fire in burst fire will result in the weapon firing in heavily askew angles or where moving enemies were when first engaging with them.

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