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Para los contrabandistas de la era orokin, esta temible escopeta de mano era un instrumento privilegiado para la "resolución de conflictos".

The Mara Detron is a time-limited edition of the Detron that has altered stats along with a unique animated skin.


This weapon deals damage.




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  • The Mara Detron can be purchased from Baro Ki'Teer in the Concourse section of the Tenno Repetidor for 200.000 Credits64 and 250 PrimeBucks. Note that Baro Ki'Teer's stock changes with each appearance, and this weapon may not be available on a succeeding appearance.
  • Like Syndicate Weapons, unranked Detron Maras without Forma and Catalizador Orokin can be traded between players.


  • The Mara Detron's increased fire rate means that mods like Torrente letal make it fire faster than can be clicked. Giving the fire button a secondary binding to the mouse wheel can alleviate this.
  • The Mara Detron is a secondary shotgun so multi shot mods Torrente letal and Difusión de cañón will increase the pellet count.
  • As the Mara Detron is essentially an improved Detron, refer to the Detron's Tips for more upgrade/optimization possibilities.


  • The damage listed is the combination of all seven pellets' damage values, the actual damage per pellet is 30 .


  • The Mara Detron can be visually identified from the standard Detron by the diffuse cloud textured animation on its body.
    • This animated texture is based off the weapon's energy color, and thus can be changed to match any hue the user wishes for.
    • As with the Syndicate reward weapons, when the Mara Detron is stolen by a Maestro Drahk it will appear as a regular Detron on the ground and will revert to its Mara variant when picked up.
  • The Mara Detron has a distinct sound when fired, closer to traditional shotguns than the energy-based weapons regularly used by the Corpus.
  • Despite being from the Orokin Era, it does not appear to be manufactured by the Orokin. As a smuggler's weapon, it may be implied this weapon was designed outside of their authority. It might similarly be speculated this could be a clue to the very early origins of the Corpus.
  • The Mara Detron ejects its magazine when reloading.
  • The flowing effect on the weapon is similar to the flowing effect on Steam's diseños fásicos promotional items.
  • The Mara Detron was leaked as an entry in a player's Profile under Equipment, along with the Imperator Vándalo, before it was revealed to be sold by the Void Trader Baro Ki'Teer.
  • Mara is a Hebrew female adjective, meaning bitter.
  • This is currently the first and only Mara-type weapon.
  • On Baro's 50th visit, this item could be purchased at half price for 100.000 Credits64 and 250 PrimeBucks.

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Actualización 21.0
  • Damage increased from 20 to 30
  • Damage fall off added starting from 16m and ending at 32 with a minimum damage of 15
  • Status Chance increased from 10% to 20%
  • Critical Chance increased from 2.5% to 5%
  • Increased Accuracy for hip and aimed fire
  • Mastery Rank 9 required

Revisión 19.8.1

  • Fixed the Detron Mara having the name switched as Mara Detron.

Actualización 18.0

  • Detron series now available for use in Conclave.

Revisión 15.6.3

  • Introduced to Baro Ki'Teer's rotating stock.

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