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Detectar vulnerabilidad es un mod de precepto para el Centinela Helios que revela los puntos débiles de los enemigos que han sido previamente completados en el Códice. Golpear a un enemigo en el punto débil resaltado aplicará un multiplicador de daño.


Rango Multiplicador de daño Coste de capacidad
0 +150% 6
1 +175% 7
2 +200% 8
3 +225% 9
4 +250% 10
5 +275% 11



  • Enemies must have a completed codex entry prior to entering the mission to be eligible to be marked with a weakspot.
  • Marking an enemy with a weakspot does not consume a Escáner del códice charge and it is not necessary to have Investigador equipped for Detect Vulnerability to function.
  • The Sentinel will randomly select a single enemy within 30 meters to mark.
  • The mark appears as a highlight in the Sentinel's energy color, visible to all members of the Sentinel owner's squad on a randomly selected parte del cuerpo enemigo.
  • The mark has a 'fade-in' time of approximately 0.5 seconds and a duration of 9.5 seconds at max rank.
  • The mark will remain for the duration even if the target moves further than 30 meters away after being marked, unless the target is killed.
  • Selecting a target to mark takes the Sentinel approximately 2 seconds from when an enemy comes within range or after the previous mark expires.
  • The damage increase stacks multiplicatively with body part multipliers.
  • Although the precept functions similarly to Banshee's Sonar ability, the highlighted weakspot is smaller and will not trigger Resonancia.

Historial de actualizaciones[]

Revisión 23.0.8
  • Optimized Helios's Detect Vulnerability Precept.

Actualización 16.0

  • Añadido.