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Hace que el centinela Helios ataque usando pedazos de sí mismo.

El Desarmador es un arma centinela que sólo puede ser utilizado por el Centinela Helios, que lanza partes de él a los enemigos de una manera similar a lanzar las armas como la Glaive . El Desarmador utiliza mod cuerpo a cuerpo.

Este arma se vende por 1.250 Créditos.png .


This sentinel weapon is automatically acquired by acquiring Helios. Note that this weapon also takes up one slot in your sentinel slots.


This weapon inflicts Impacto n.png Impacto, Cortante n.png Cortante, and Perforación n.png Perforación in a sequence.




Configuraciones para el arma[]

  • Revisa una configuración del arma para ver como los jugadores modifican esta arma.
  • Revisa guías para la configuración del arma para guías sobre cómo usar esta arma de forma efectiva.
  • Para más ayuda general con armas, navega por guía para armas.


  • The Deconstructor is a glaive type melee weapon and therefore accepts thrown melee weapon exclusive mods like Lanzamiento potente y Torbellino.
    • Although listed as having only Impacto n.png Impacto, each disk thrown is Impacto n.png Impacto, Cortante n.png Cortante, then Perforación n.png Perforación in sequence. This is the only weapon with multiple projectile types like this and the in-game stats can not currently show this.
  • The Deconstructor may only be used by the Helios sentinel - an exception applies when using the loadout randomiser, which can combine the Deconstructor with other sentinels.
  • Currently, the ways to increase the damage of the Deconstructor are to increase its overall damage with a Punto de presión or Golpe podrido mod, increase its base physical damage through physical damage mods (such as Trauma pesado, Filo dentado, or Golpe rompedor), or add elemental mods. ("Smite" faction damage mods need to be tested.)
  • It aims at enemies' heads (if humanoid), and consistently scores headshots.
    • It can miss if an enemy is knocked down by still attempting to shoot where their head should be.
  • Appears to have a significant chance to target and track additional enemies on the initial hit, so long as the enemy is within a 45 degree cone from the initial target. (requires further testing).
  • It is considered a Melee weapon and although the projectile makes sound, it is actually Silent, and therefore does not alert enemies.


  • The Deconstructor is the first Sentinel weapon to be classified as a melee weapon.


  • In some cases Helios's components may continue to orbit around you and will only return if you move to a different location.

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