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Un experto en lo digital, Derim es un hacker competente quién aplica su gremio al lavado de dinero que se intercambia a través del Índice.

Comportamiento[editar | editar código]

  • Derim Zahn is capable of activating turrets for some time by hacking nearby console.
    • During this, he is vulnerable to be attacked by players as he can't move while hacking.
  • He also can deploy Translocator, which provides teleportation spot for Zenith Galactical group. They will remain deployed until a player manages to destroy them.
  • His Ferrox behaves the same as normal one, but it deals Eléctrico n.png Eléctrico damage when fired.
    • Upon thrown, he will immediately equip his Sonicor for some time until his Ferrox is disappeared from the spot, defeated or returned to his hand even without picking it up.
  • He will dodge as soon as the player is aiming or targeting to him.
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