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La Dakra Prime es un arma tenno forjada, elaborada durante la época de los orokin. Es famosa por la velocidad, el poder y la capacidad de golpear múltiples blancos.
Para the Dex counterpart of this weapon, véase Dex Dakra.

The Dakra Prime is a standalone prime melee weapon which was added to the game in Actualización 10.0.

On June 29, 2015, it was announced that the Dakra Prime would enter the Bóveda Prime and be retired from the reward tables on July 7, 2015. Any preexisting components or fully-built weapons will remain as is.

Dakra Prime, along with Mag Prime and Boar Prime, was again accessible from June 28th 2016 to July 26th, 2016 when the Prime Vault was unsealed.

Dakra Prime along with Boar Prime, Rhino Prime, Mag Prime, Ankyros Prime, and Boltor Prime , was again accessible from June 27th, 2017 to August 1st, 2017.

This weapon can be sold for 5.000 Créditos .

Requisitos de fabricación
Tiempo: 12 hrs
Acelerar: 50 Platinum
Precio del MarketIcon: N/A Precio del Blueprint2: N/A
Ubicación de componentes
PlanoLith M1 Poco común (R)
Meso B3 Poco común (R)
Axi R1 Poco común (R)
GenericWeaponPrimeBlade HojaNeo B3 Poco común (R)
Neo D1 Raro (R)
Axi S4 Poco común (R)
GenericWeaponPrimeHilt EmpuñaduraLith M2 Común (R)
Meso B1 Común (R)
Meso M1 Común (R)
Neo N9 Común (R)
Lith/Meso/Neo/Axi indica el nivel de reliquia del Vacío.
(R) indica la condición de retirada para dicha reliquia.
(B) indica la exclusividad por parte de Baro Ki'Teer.


This weapon deals primarily damage.



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  • The Dakra Prime is treated as the third upgrade to the Skana, after Cronus and the Espada pangolín, as it possess similar characteristics in terms of output damage on Maniobras.
  • While the Nikana Dragón surpasses the Dakra Prime in terms of base single hit damage, the Dakra Prime can achieve a higher damage per hit if equipped with the Derviche carmesí stance, due to the stance's high damage multiplier on normal attacks. This comes at the cost of Derviche carmesí's slower attack speed however.


  • The Dakra Prime resembles a Sabre, however there is no obvious crossguard. Alternatively, the Dakra Prime's design may also be based on the Khandaoror.
  • This weapon was formerly named "Dakka Prime" before Revisión 10.0.4. The original name is derived from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. The weapon was renamed because players felt confused about the name, "dakka" being a term for firepower derived from the distinct firing sound of a machine gun.
  • Oddly, in-game files refer to the Dakra Prime as "Cronus Prime".
  • There was a bug where crafting the Dakra Prime would result in the user receiving an Orthos Prime until it was fixed (albeit undocumented) in Revisión 10.0.4.

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  • Dex Dakra, the limited edition counterpart of this sword.
  • Cronus, the possible original counterpart.
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