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DañoVoidTearIcon b.png Vacío is a special type of damage that is exclusive to Operadores and their Amps. Originally a placeholder type of damage introduced in Actualización 18.0, it was formally added into game in Actualización 22.0 with the inclusion de los Raquis. While ineffective against IconGrineerB.pngGrineer carne clonada y maquinaria and IconInfestedB.pngInfestación Fosilizada, it provides several advantages over SentientFactionIcon b.pngConsciente enemies as follows:

Other known usage of this damage type are as follows:

The Efecto de estado of VoidTearIcon b.png Vacío damage is Bullet Attractor, which creates a small 5 meter field around target which absorbs and redirects projectiles over 3 seconds.

Tipo de efectividad[]

Salud IconGrineerB.pngGrineer VoidTearIcon b.png Vacío Modificado Salud IconCorpusB.pngCorpus VoidTearIcon b.png Vacío Modificado Salud IconInfestedB.pngInfestación VoidTearIcon b.png Vacío Modificado
Carne clonada -50% Carne Infestada
Armadura de ferrita Escudo Carne infestada
Armadura de aleación Protoescudo Fosilizada -50%
Maquinaria -50% Robótico Nervio infestado


VoidTearIcon b.png Vacío damage can be found in the Operator's Void powers, which include:

In addition, VoidTearIcon b.png Vacío damage is dealt by Operator Amps.