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“First, my crew were torn down and consumed. Then my segments were ripped out and crushed. Now I lay blind but feel its growth through each failed system. And with nothing but time remaining, Jordas is forced to wonder, will its complete infiltration bring some vicious mercy or a new nightmare?”

Jordas, Ship’s Cephalon, 3rd Class Frigate

Los corredores son tripulantes de Corpus infestados que van de blanco y constituyen el segundo tipo de enemigo más común de los infestados. Al igual que los saltadores, Cargadores y corredores volátiles, pueden lanzar masa infestada a jugadores a los que no pueden alcanzar, por lo contrario tienen ataques de deslizamiento como lo hacen los otros tripulantes infestados. El Corredor se introdujo en la Actualización 12.4.

Visually, a Saltador is one of the least disfigured of the Infested types, alongside Saltadores and their volatile variant, with most of the Crewman's form still intact as well as most of their suit. However, one leg has dissolved completely and replaced with an Infested stump, as well a missing finger on the left hand. Most notably however, is the right arm which was attached to the head and then fused to the body by overgrowth of Infested mass, with a tentacle acting as its replacement. Although almost identical to the other Crewmen Infested, their tentacle appears to be more savage, slightly bigger in size and more bulky.


  • Runners are found in the most numbers during Infested Supervivencia missions.
  • They have a small chance to be found in a cell in a Rescate mission.
  • They can throw balls of Infested mass at players they can't reach with melee, although this attack does not deal toxin and thus does not ignore shields. It will however do sizable amounts of damage especially when stacked with groups of other Infested that also throw it.