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Conversión de salud is a Warframe mod that grants additional Armadura for every Orbes de salud picked up, up to a maximum of 3 stacks of bonus armor. Taking damage when a stack is present will consume 1 stack.


Rango Armor Bonus Coste de capacidad
0 75 10
1 150 11
2 225 12
3 300 13
4 375 14
5 450 15


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  • The Armor bonus is added to the Warframe's total armor, and does not increase the Warframe's base armor.
    • Mods like Fibra de acero that multiply a Warframe's base armor do not increase the effects of Health Conversion, while those that multiply total armor, like Embestida férrea, do.
    • Warframe abilities like Piel de hierro, Halo guardián, and Globo de nieve use the following expression when accounting for Conversión de salud: Modified Health = (Base Health + Ability Modifier × ((Conversión de salud × # of Stacks) + Warframe Base Armor × (1 + Base Armor Bonus))) × (1 + Ability Strength) + Absorbed Damage. For example, a Halo guardián with 3 Stacks of Conversión de salud and a maxed Intensificar would yield (900 + 2.5 × ((450 × 3) + 175 × (1+0))) x (1+0.3) = 6126.25 health before damage absorption.
  • The base 3 second timer per stack is not affected by Duración de habilidades.
  • Any form of damage will trigger a stack including damage just to shields or self-damage.
    • Health damage from using Nekros' Desecrate with the Despojar augment will not trigger a stack.
    • Damage incurred while under the effects of Rhino's Piel de hierro or Nezha's Halo guardián will not trigger a stack. However, a stack will be triggered if damaged during the 3-second invulnerability phase.
  • Orbes de energía picked up while using Equilibrio do not provide armor stacks.
  • The armor added is the value shown per stack. So with a max ranked mod, the armor added would be 450 for the first stack, then 900 total with the second stack, and 1350 total with the third stack. This is as per latest patch notes and multiple comment confirmations below.

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Actualización 19.6
  • Fixed Health Conversion and Energy Conversion Mod FX not appearing on Clients.

Actualización 18.5

  • Añadido.

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