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Combinación implacable grants a chance to deal Combo Counter hits when a target is dealt damage from a proc caused by the player's melee strikes.


Rango Efecto Coste de capacidad
0 +25% 6
1 +50% 7
2 +75% 8
3 +100% 9


  • At maximum rank, Relentless Combination increases the [[Cuerpo a cuerpo#Combo Counter|Melee Combo Counter]] by +1 for every Bleed proc inflicted per enemy. A combo hit is applied for each application of Bleed, and additional +1 hits thereafter for every proc of Bleed applied to each enemy.
  • If the enemy dies while under the Bleed proc or Bleed runs out, you will stop gaining additional hits from that enemy.
  • Only Bleeding caused by melee weapons count; procs from primary or secondary weapons, Warframe abilities (including Tormenta de espadas) or Giro desgarrador will not increase the Combo Counter.


  • Most Guardias have a combo in which an attack has a guaranteed status proc; these can be used to take advantage of this mod regardless of the weapons status chance.
  • Since additional hits are gained from the Bleed DoT, the mod's effectiveness is more noticeable on durable enemies.
    • Picor duradero, as well as Ash's and Saryn's passive abilities increase the status duration, allowing more ticks to occur.

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