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He's a special guy, you know. Little weird but a hell of a fighter.
—Darvo, on Clem.

—-Clem, sobre si mismo.

Clem es un desertor Grineer, el cual sirve como uno de los contratistas encubiertos de Darvo, provisionándolo de información. Nacido con una mutación durante la clonación, que le permite desobedecer a Las Reinas Gemelas, Clem sin embargo es capaz de sostener en contra de sus antiguos camaradas sus armas, unas Grakatas gemelas.

Lore[editar | editar código]

General[editar | editar código]

Aside from his disloyalty to the Queens, Clem's mutation seems to be responsible for several noticeable differences, such as his shorter stature and limited vocabulary (solely consisting of "Clem" and "Grakata", aside from grunts and sighs). In spite of this, Clem can understand and follow orders (typically from Darvo) and is a far more capable fighter than the average Lancero, easily keeping up with the Tenno he occasionally assists during missions.

Un hombre de pocas palabras[editar | editar código]

Darvo asks the Tenno to Rescate Clem, who is in a prison complex located on Urano, as the merchant fears his contractor will be executed by Clem's former leaders. After the Tenno Rescate Clem (including encounters with his jailers, Los tres Grustrag), Darvo arranges a plan to retrieve Clem's weapons and acquire an Orokin relic (which Clem was presumably in charge of getting before being captured). Clem and the Tenno succeed in retrieving the relic — the Potent Orokin Technical Augmentation and Tactical Offensive device — and after Darvo thanks the Tenno for their help, Clem can be seen in any Repetidor, either at Darvo's side or serving as Meridiano de Acero's Medallion trader.

After finishing the quest, a weekly "Help Clem" mission becomes available. Since Actualización 19.0 the mission will show up under Alerts in the World State Window if you are eligible to play again.

Trivia[editar | editar código]

  • Clem's overall appearance and weapons of choice are various references to a series of comics created by Datareaper (the designer of the Kronen);
  • Clem's name comes from the word "klem", used by Grineer troops in various contexts. The frequent appearance of the word in Grineer speech was the inspiration for the creation of the character.
  • A pesar del limitado vocabulario de Clem, Darvo ha demostrado ser capaz de entender las intenciones más complejas de Clem y sus matices más sutiles sin demasiada dificultad.
  • Ya que no existe una categoría "Tenno" en el códice, su ficha solo puede ser vista en la categoría "Todo".
  • Prior to the introduction of his quest, Digital Extremes stated Clem was the name of the medallion trader for Meridiano de Acero, in honor of the character. When Clem was officially introduced, he would take the place of the medallion trader depending on the player's alliegance to Meridiano de Acero. Otherwise, he will stay next to Darvo in the latter's shop.
  • During a weekly mission, Clem cannot die permanently. If his Bleedout timer reaches 0:00, he will stand up automatically, but with 15% of his maximum health.

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