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Evocando el diseño de los arcos antiguos, el gran impacto del Cernos es perfecto para dar caza a los enemigos altamente blindados.
The Cernos is a Tenno bow, specializing in damaging escudos by specializing in damage. Much like other bows, it functions with a charge mechanic, and sports very high accuracy at range, despite the arrow drop. It is most effective against the Corpus as it can easily break through their escudos, but is less effective against the Grineer and Infested, due to a lack of other damage types.

This weapon can be sold for 7.500 Credits64, it is also a material requerido for Cernos mutalítica.

Requisitos de fabricación
Paquete de polímero
Tiempo: 12 hrs
Acelerar: 45 Platinum64
Precio del MarketIcon: 225 Platinum64 Precio del Blueprint2: 20,000 Credits64


This weapon deals primarily damage.



  • Needs to be charged to deal max damage.
  • Low y damage – less effective against Armadura y Salud.
  • Slow firerate renders the Cernos ill-suited for close-range combat.


  • Cernos, compared to Cernos Rakta:
    • Lower daño base (190.0 vs. 235.0)
      • Lower Impact b daño (171.0 vs. 211.5)
      • Lower Puncture b daño (9.5 vs. 11.75)
      • Lower Slash b daño (9.5 vs. 11.75)
    • Lower charge attack damage (380.0 vs. 470.0)
    • Slower charge time (0.5 s vs. 0.25 s)
    • Higher probabilidad crítica (36% vs. 35%)
    • Higher probabilidad de estado (18% vs. 15%)
    • Lack of an innate Plaga effect
    • Different polarities (Madurai Pol vs. Madurai PolMadurai PolNaramon Pol)
    • Lower Rango de maestría required (6 vs. 12)

Configuraciones para el armaEditar


  • Due to the weapon's high damage but low and damage, consider using this to drain the enemies' escudo first then finish them with other weapons which have higher damage where the Cernos lacks. Alternatively, consider making this your main bow for going against Corpus troops, the majority of which have high escudos but very low Salud.
  • With a maxed Punto de impacto y Retraso crítico mods, it is possible to raise the Cernos' probabilidad crítica to 104.3%, ensuring that all shots will deal critical damage.


  • The name "Cernos" means "horn" in Gaulish.
  • Being an Impact oriented bow, the Cernos uses arrows with a mace-like head, with a larger impact area. This spreads the kinetic energy of the arrows across a wider area, creating a blunt impact.

Historial de actualizacionesEditar

Actualización 22.12
  • El rango de maestría aumentó de 0 a 6
  • El daño por disparo cargado aumentó de 200 a 220
  • La velocidad de carga aumentó de 1 a 0.5 segundos
  • La posibilidad de estado aumentó del 10% al 18%
  • La probabilidad crítica aumentó de 35% a 36%

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