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Part sword, part shield, the Centaur excels at charging headlong into enemy fire.

The Centaur is an Archwing based melee that also acts as a shield, which shares its own basic six-hit combo with Rathbone, but also possesses its own six-hit combo when used in quick melee (primary weapon equipped).

Move Button Combination
Quick Melee EEEE3XEE
Equipped Melee EEEE2XEE
Requisitos de fabricación

Tiempo: 12 hours
Acelerar: 50 Platinum64
Precio del MarketIcon: 195 Platinum64 Precio del Blueprint2 Plano: 35.000 Credits64
Obtención de componentes


This weapon deals primarily damage.


  • Highest probabilidad crítica among all Arch-melee weapons.
  • No delay between combo looping, allowing a faster attack rate.
    • Possesses a multi-hit combo.
  • Good probabilidad de estado.
  • Above average attack speed compared to other Arch-melee weapons.
  • Comes with a V polarity.


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  • Centaur can utilize the Tempered Blade mod to greatly increase its critical chance up to 62.5%, granting additional 30% overall DPS.
  • Blocking with melee will grant Derribo protection against obstacles, allowing for smoother flight. Alternatively, performing a slide attack will allow passage through obstacles without slowing down.


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  • A Centaur is a mythological creature that is half-human, half-horse.
    • Incidentally, there is a species of Rhinoceros beetle called the Centaurus beetle. The Centaur's blade resembles a Rhinoceros beetle's characteristic horn while the body of the weapon resembles the beetle's head.
  • The Centaur (along with the Fluctus and the Itzal) was accidentally leaked in Hotfix 15.6.1, where a bundle called the "Itzal Raider Pack" visually replaced the Stealth Pack in the Mercado. The Stealth Bundle still functioned as normal however.

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