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El Cargador Balefire is Hildryn 's signature Arma exaltada, which can only be used when her Balefire ability is activated. This pistol launches bolts of that deal area-of-effect damage in a large area, and can be charged to deal more damage. Its massive damage is offset by its low probabilidad crítica, multiplicador crítico y probabilidad de estado.


This weapon deals primarily damage.



Configuraciones para el armaEditar


  • The Balefire Charger uses Pistol Mods.
  • The Balefire Charger is the only weapon that can be used while using the Tormenta Aegis ability.
    • The Balefire Charger cannot zoom in when used with Tormenta Aegis.
    • While Hildryn holds two Balefire Chargers instead of one while Tormenta Aegis is active, this is a purely cosmetic feature and has no effect on the weapon's effectiveness.
  • The Balefire Charger's explosion radius is affected por el rango de habilidad mods.
  • Escudo cost to activate and cost per shot is affected por la eficiencia de habilidad mods.
  • When Hildryn has Overshields, Balefire Charger shots will ragdoll enemies.
  • While charging, the increased damage and shield consumption scales with the amount charged, e.g. 50% charge deals 50% more damage. At full charge, the Balefire Chargers deal 100% more damage and consumes 450 shields.


  • While Balefire Charger's low base probabilidad de estado make it less effective at removing shields and armor, it synergizes well with Hildryn's Saqueo, as this ability can drain shields and permanently remove armor.


Historial de actualizacionesEditar

Actualización 24.6
  • Hildryn is no longer restricted to move at walking speed when charging Balefire.

Actualización 24.4

  • Introducido.

Véase tambiénEditar

  • Balefire, the ability that summons the weapon.
  • Hildryn, the weapon's user.
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