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Para el tipo de enemigo Grineer, véase Buscador.

Buscador es un mod que aumenta Atravesar of a pistol by 0.35 per rank for a maximum of 2.1 at rank 5.


Rango Efecto Coste de capacidad
0 +0.4m 10
1 +0.7m 11
2 +1.1m 12
3 +1.4m 13
4 +1.8m 14
5 +2.1m 15
Body Units Punctured
Atravesar +0.4 +0.7 +1.1 +1.4 +1.8 +2.1
Humanoid 0 1 1-2 2 2-3 3
Quadruped 0 0 0-1 1 1 1-2

Data may differ due to width variances from dynamic posing.



  • A Rank 1 Seeker is sufficient to pass right through the metal shields of Shield Lancers. Increasing this mod's level will allow for good crowd control, as it pierces through dead bodies and enemies.
  • When equipped to any non-hitscan secondary weapon and used against General Sargas Ruk, you will deal very visibly multiplied damage versus his weakspots.


  • The values shown on the mod's card currently display incorrect values (up to +210 Atravesar at full rank). This is purely visual, and the mod's proper effects are listed above.

Patch HistoryEditar

Actualización 18.13
  • Fixed the Seeker pistol Mod displaying the wrong value.

Revisión 15.5.8

  • Fixed issue with Gammacor caused by using the Barrel Diffusion, Torrente letal and Seeker Mods all at once.

Actualización 9.2

  • Fixed the Seeker and Fuerza buscadora mods so that their puncture amount increases with each level, instead of every other level.

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