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Infundida con raras aleaciones orokin, la Bronco Prime es un arma altamente eficiente. Tiene un cargador más grande y daño aumentado a cambio de una menor cadencia de fuego.

The Bronco Prime features a higher base damage and magazine size than the Bronco, at the cost of a lower fire rate and reload speed. The Bronco Prime was added into the game in Actualización 9.0.

This weapon can be sold for 5.000 Credits64; it is also a material requisito for Akbronco Prime (x2).

Requisitos de fabricación
Tiempo: 12 hrs
Acelerar: 50 Platinum64
Precio del MarketIcon: N/A Precio del Blueprint2: N/A
Obtención de componentes
PlanoNeo S9 Común
Lith H1 Común (R)
Lith N1 Común (R)
Lith S1 Común (R)
Meso C2 Común (R)
Meso N2 Común (R)
Meso N3 Común (R)
Meso S2 Común (R)
Meso V5 Común (R)
Neo M1 Común (R)
Axi N2 Común (R)
Axi S1 Común (R)
GenericGunPrimeBarrel CañónNeo M2 Poco común
Neo V1 Poco común (R)
Axi E2 Poco común (R)
Axi N3 Poco común (R)
GenericGunPrimeReceiver ReceptorMeso P1 Común
Meso S8 Común
Lith C2 Común (R)
Meso F1 Común (R)
Neo B1 Común (R)
Neo N6 Común (R)
Neo S8 Común (R)
Neo V4 Común (R)
Axi S1 Común (R)
Lith/Meso/Neo/Axi indica el nivel de reliquia del Vacío.
(R) indica la condición de retirada para dicha reliquia.
(B) indica la exclusividad por parte de Baro Ki'Teer.


This weapon deals primarily damage.


  • High damage, in particular.
    • Second highest damage of all secondary shotguns, tied with its Dual Version.
  • Extremely effective at close range.
  • High status chance, can reach 100% easily with dual stat mods.
  • Good ammo efficiency.


  • Sees limited use beyond medium range due to its large spread cone and damage falloff.
  • Low critical chance.
  • Slow reload speed compared to magazine size.


Configuraciones para el armaEditar


  • Weapon's spread cone can be shrunk by zooming in.
  • It has higher base Daño Impacto than the Brakk, making it a good alternative when fighting the Corpus. In total, Bronco Prime deals 280 Daño Impacto per shot, while the Brakk only deals 90 Daño Impacto per shot.


  • The Bronco Prime's high damage, high spread and high pellet count (with Difusión de cañón) make it a good crowd thinner and control tool, particularly against the Infested.
    • Using Buscador is recommended to upgrade its crowd controlling capability.
  • Pistolero (or Torrente letal) and Agarre rápido may be valuable due to the low rate of fire and reload speed, to increase the time spent shooting.
  • The damage is actually a combination of all the pellets' damage values. The actual damage per pellet is 40 impact, 5 puncture, and 5 slash.


  • The Bronco Prime has a non-static model, the barrel section rotates clockwise when fired and whilst reloading.
  • The Bronco Prime's gold parts can be recolored as of Actualización 15.13.

Patch HistoryEditar

Hotfix 21.0.2

Actualización 21.0

  • Damage increased from 20 to 50
  • Damage fall off added starting from 9m and ending at 18 with a minimum damage of 13
  • Status Chance increased from 17.5% to 22%
  • Increased Crit Multiplier from 1.5 to 2
  • Mastery Rank 3 required

Hotfix 15.0.8

  • Fixed a missing drop icon for the Bronco Prime.

Actualización 9.0

  • Introduced

See alsoEditar

  • Bronco, the predecessor to this weapon.
  • Akbronco, the akimbo version of the Bronco.
  • Akbronco Prime, the akimbo version of this gun.
  • Brakk, another pocket shotgun sidearm.
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