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This Lich-variant semi-automatic hand cannon delivers a lot of punch in a small package. Higher fire rate, magazine capacity and reload speed.

The Kuva Brakk is the Lich de Kuva variant of the Brakk Brakk shotgun pistol. It features a higher critical chance, magazine capacitypunch through, velocidad de recarga, and probabilidad de estado, at the cost of overall base damage. The Kuva Brakk has a firing spread and pellets like a shotgun.


The Kuva Brakk is obtained by vanquishing a Kuva Lich who generated with one equipped. After the Lich is vanquished it will be in the player's Fundición ready to claim.


This weapon does primarily damage. This weapon also comes with a bonus stat which is determined by the Warframe which killed the original Kuva-spiked Grineer. This weapon (along with the other Kuva weapons) has the ability to increase its max level by two every time you use a Forma until it reaches the maximum level of 40.




  • Not tradeable. 
  • The weapon will have a prefix of the name of the Lich de Kuva you got it from (i.e Odizrigg Agekk Kuva Brakk)
  • The bonus stat which the weapon comes equipped with is dependent on the Warframe which summoned the Lich.
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  • It is recommended to bring a long-range primary, so you have an option for long-range engagements.
  • Fire close to the enemy for maximum damage.
  • This weapon is suitable for status and critical hybrid build
  • When hunting for Kuva Larvlings make sure to bring the right Warframe for which element you want.
  • Being projectile-based, Mod TT 20pxLethal Momentum and Zephyr icono Zephyr's x19px Turbulence with the Mod TT 20pxJet Stream augment can be used to extend the fall-off distance, giving it more range before losing damage.


  • This and the other Kuva weapons are the only weapons in the game which are built automatically without player input. 
  • The characteristic to reach past the normal level cap of 30 is only shared with the other weapons in this set and the Paracesis Paracesis.

Véase también

  • Lich de Kuva - The system in which this gun is obtained.
  • Brakk Brakk - Weapon which this gun is based on.
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