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Los Bombarderos Maníaco are modified Grineer Bombarderos developed by Tyl Regor, introduced in the Operación: Los engendros de Regor Evento as the event's main mission target. After Actualización 17.0, they can be encountered on Uranus Sabotage missions.


  • Like the Manic, they are able to teleport and vanish to avoid damage, though far less frequently. Manic Bombards will try to maintain a medium distance to their targets, and will teleport if an enemy gets too close.
  • The Manic Bombard has the ability to throw a cluster grenade that splits into smaller grenades on impact, causing substantial damage within its radius.
  • Unlike other heavy Grineer units, they cannot use Seismic Shockwave against nearby enemies.
  • It is possible for Manic Bombards to spawn as an Eximus variant (only when the alarms in that area are in a state of lockdown before being released), giving them the appropriate buffs.


  • Trinity's Enlace and Nova's Impregnación molecular can make the Manic Bombard easier to spot and damage, even while it is invisible.
  • In solo missions, if the player is fast enough they can stealth kill the Bombard.
  • Presently, they appear in Sabotage missions on Uranus. However, the player does not have to fight them; the player can inject the toxin into the Manic Bombard's terminal network (as they would have done when supporting Alad V during Operación: Los engendros de Regor Evento) to destroy the Manic Bombard. Manic Bombards destroyed this way do not drop loot.


  • Despite their name, Manic Bombards wield Gorgons instead of an AT Ogris.
    • These Gorgons are grey-colored, making the Manic Bombard the third unit to use a repainted weapon after Sprag and Ven'kra Tel.
  • The Manic Bombard is the only unit that can be either a Sabotage target or an Assassination target, depending on the player's decisions.
  • Drekar Manic Bombards are immune to procs.
  • Like the Manic they can be Control mental led, but the power will be reduced in duration, although not as much as a normal Manic.


Bombardero Maníaco Drekar General Misceláneo
Bombardero Maníaco Drekar
Añadido : Sin determininar
Escenario Laboratorio submarino Grineer Escaneos de Códice 3
Arma Gorgon
Stun Baton
Otras Recompensas Ninguna
Estadísticas Botín de Mods Abrigo cálido 10.12%
Acero verdadero 10.12%
15 Endo 10.12%
Bombeo táctico 4.42%
Expeler Grineer 4.42%
Máscara vulpina 0.27%
Tormenta bermellón 0.27%
80 Endo 0.27%
Carne Clonada 1750
Cortante n+ Calor n+ Viral n+++ Impacto n Gas n‐‐
Armadura de Aleación 500
Perforación n+Frío n+Radiación n+++Cortante n‐‐Eléctrico n‐‐Magnético n‐‐

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