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Long range missile attack.

The Bombardero Corrupto is an Orokin-controlled version of the Grineer Bombardero, serving as the Vacío Orokin's heavy missile units. They appear in level 30-40 Void missions.

As with all Corrupted units, the projectiles fired from their weaponry are golden in color. The missiles from the Corrupted Bombard's Ogris appear to be formed of golden energy, and have a short, brightly-glowing trail. Missiles are much faster and maneuverable then a normal bombard's missiles, as well as much harder to spot due to their transparency. As with regular Bombards, their missiles deal damage in a small area upon impact, and direct hits to a Tenno can cause significant damage to their Centinela.

Corrupted Bombards are highly damaging and equally, highly resistant to damage. They should be your highest priority targets (aside from anuladores corruptos) in order to minimize the damage they can deal. Fortunately, their height and size (thanks to their bulky armor) can make them a little easier to spot in large crowds.



A Corrupted Bombard Specter


  • Utilizing double jumps, a Tenno can hop above a rocket and attack the Corrupted Bombard.
  • weapons such as the Obex can prove highly lethal and effective, being able to stun and knockdown opponents, leaving them open to all damage including finishers – unless unit is immune to certain forms of damage.
    • Dive kicking or bullet jumping into the Bombard also achieves the same effect.
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