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Bloqueo del mago es un aumento arcano para el Operador. Siempre que el Operador realice Rapidez del Vacío, soltará una Mina Tether en su destino que ata a varios enemigos en su lugar durante 4 segundos; entonces, estos enemigos sufren daño de que aumenta con su salud máxima.


Rango  % Health Tether range Max targets
0 15% 3m 2
1 30% 6m 4
2 45% 9m 6
3 60% 12m 8


Can be bought from Vox Solaris for 10,000‍ReputationLargeBlack upon reaching the rank of Instrument.


  • Tethered enemies are completely incapacitated: they cannot move nor attack until they take damage from the arcane's effect.
    • The tether's damage does not ignore armadura.
  • Enemies remain susceptible to ragdolling even while tethered which can make enemies not take damage if they fall outside the arcane's range.
  • Each tether mine can only affect up to a certain number of enemies.
    • Additional mines can only be placed once the previous mines have expired.
  • The damage applied is based on the target's current maximum health at the time the tether expires. As a result, a proc will make the arcane deal damage based on the halved health value.
  • Two sets of this arcane will drop two tethers, effectively applying 120% of an enemy's health as damage.
  • Buffs that are applied to the Operator or the Warframe will not enhance the damage, however, debuffs applied to enemies (e.g. Impregnación molecular, Chakram en llamas, Garras buscadoraswill enhance damage.
  • Can tether Eidolons.
  • The tether's color matches the Operator's chosen energy color.


  • Synergizes with Destruccióndelmago64 Destrucción del mago which will increase the puncture damage dealt to tethered enemies.


  • Despite the arcane's description stating that there is a limit to the amount of enemies the tether mine can affect at a time, a single mine will actually tether all enemies in range.
  • Status procs that displace enemies will allow enemies to shoot at players while still tethered.
  • Clients are sometimes unable to place mines.

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Revisión 24.2.11
  • Fixed Magus Lockdown not spawning an actual mine upon Void Dashing.

Actualización 24.2

  • Introducido.

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