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Arma estándar del centinela Carrier. Dispara cartuchos de escopeta.

La barredora es el arma por defecto del Centinela Carrier. Es funcionalmente un corto intervalo de escopeta. Debido a la naturaleza de las escopetas, precepto de la portadora, es decir, Delantero, está diseñado para disparar a corta distancia. Esta arma acepta Mods de Escopeta.

Este arma se vende por 1.250 Credits64.


This sentinel weapon is automatically acquired by building a Carrier sentinel. Note that this weapon also takes up one slot in your sentinel inventory.


This weapon deals primarily damage.




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  • With sufficient ranks and mods, Sweeper is arguably the most efficient Sentinel weapon for ranking new Warframes because of its ability to kill low leveled enemies with one shot.
  • It is not recommended to use this weapon when trying to level close range or melee weapons, as the Sweeper will steal your kills at high rate, especially when it is heavily modded.


  • Equipping an Accelerated Blast and Shotgun Spazz at max ranks will lead to the Sweeper firing in 3 round "bursts" due to the increased firing rate.
  • The spread seems to be close to that of the Strun Wraith (requires testing).
  • Previously, the damage of this weapon was 90. It proved to be a mistake and was nerfed to 42.

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