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Artillero Pesado Corrupto son artilleros pesados Grineer controlador por Orokin. They share the same abilities and traits as regular artilleros pesados. However, Corrupted Gunners have twice as much HP in comparison to regular ones.


  • As with their Non-Corrupted counterpart, Artillero Pesado Corruptos often attack surrounded by allies allowing time for their Gorgon to spool up and shred through Tenno shielding whilst their corrupted allies draw fire.
  • Artillero Pesado Corruptos have inaccurate weapons, so it may be advisable to dispatch them from a long range.
  • It is ill-advised to get within melee range of a Artillero Pesado Corrupto, as they possess the same knockback ability as their Non-Corrupted counterpart.
  • Leech Eximus variants of the Artillero Pesado Corrupto should be prioritized as targets, before they are able to spool their Gorgon machine gun. Their fast rate of fire can enable them to continually heal themselves faster than some weapons can damage them.


  • Daño , daño de , daño de y daño de will stop them from firing their Gorgon and force them to respool, whilst also enabling them to be taken down without the worry of gunfire as to being temporarily unable to fire.
    • Stuns and other crowd-control powers do not prevent their knockdown attack from activating if they have already initiated the animation for it.
  • Given their large HP pool and the devastating Gorgon machine gun, Artillero Pesado Corruptos are good candidates for Control mental.
  • Nyx's Caos ability can help prevent teams from being overwhelmed by multiple Artillero Pesado Corruptos, by creating a temporary safe haven for Tenno to dispatch them from.
  • Being arguably the most dangerous enemy type in the void, it is recommended to deal with them first before other units unless another unit (such as a Anulador corrupto) is shielding them.


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