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Congela en seco a enemigos con el rayo de hielo de este arma de centinela.
The Artax is the default weapon of the Taxon Centinela, which fires a beam that deals damage and status effect against enemies. This weapon accepts rifle mods.


  • This Centinela weapon is automatically acquired by claiming the Taxon sentinel.


This weapon deals damage.



  • Lowest base damage among Sentinel weapons.
  • Low accuracy at long range
  • Damage cannot be increased with , or mods.


  • The Artax will inflict guaranteed status effect on enemies even if the weapon's element has been changed via elemental damage mods.
  • Ojo de águila will improve the detection range, making the sentinel fire farther than 30m (tested on Taxon). However, the weapon's base maximum range seems to also be 30m, causing the sentinel to fire at enemies that are out of Artax's range.
  • Alcance siniestro improves the effective range of Artax, but Taxon will not fire farther than 30m without Ojo de águila. It is therefore advised to use both. Note that the accuracy of the weapon is fairly low at such range, and Rifle-type weapon accuracy cannot be improved. Diriga will fire it at full Disparo calculado range, even if the target is out of Artax range. (Requires further testing)
  • It is highly advised to use a Atravesar mod, as the weapon performs poorly against enemies behind cover. Atravesar also increases the chance of freezing several enemies at close range while moving around them.
  • Miseria ininterrumpida increases the duration of the visual cold effect, but not the actual slow effect.
  • As of Revisión 19.10.1 Artax Mods agrietados are no longer obtainable from Sorties. Between the introduction and the removal were only 5 days and therefore the chance of getting an Artax Riven within this period was very tiny. Hence the amount of Artax Rivens in the game is now extremely limited.


  • The Artax is possibly named after a horse from the children's fantasy novel The Neverending Story, which Atreyu tried to save from drowning in the Swamp of Sadness. It could also just be a portmanteau of "Arctic" and "Taxon."
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