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Como director ejecutivo del departamento de relaciones con inversionistas, Armis presiona a los inversionistas para aceptar invitaciones de Nef Anyo para El Índice. Él también es adepto en aprovechar las deudas de los inversionistas para obtener máximos beneficios para la Corporación Anyo.

Comportamiento Editar

  • Armis Ulta will fire his modified Glaxion at the player that continuously deals damage within the range of 32m.
    • His modified Glaxion cannot inflict proc.
    • This may be troublesome at higher levels if the player does not get away from him or kill him as soon as possible.
  • If the player is getting closer to him (within a ~10m radius), he will perform a powerful ground slam that inflicts damage, as well as the proc.
  • He sometimes deploys Numo Traps if he's not focusing fire on a player. The trap will remain active for ~8 seconds and will detonate if the player gets within the 5m radius. Upon explosion, it will deal damage.
    • When active, it will pull nearby players to it, but is possible to escape it by moving quickly.
    • The trap works similarly to Vauban's Vórtice, but it does not cause players to ragdoll and it does not deal damage while attracting them.
  • Unlike Dru Pesfor and Rana Del, He cannot dodge, even if aimed at.
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