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Imbuida con el cristal prisma más fino, esta Angstrum refinada se caracteriza por tener una velocidad de recarga y carga mejorada.

The Angstrum Prisma is the Prisma variant of the Corpus-built rocket pistol, Angstrum.


This weapon deals high amounts of damage.
  • Very high base damage for pistols
    • Each rocket explodes roughly at a blast radius of 3m.
  • Has two firing modes; single or charged shot.
    • Charged shot fires extra projectiles.
    • Single shot has very good accuracy.
    • High status chance at close-medium range with charged attack due to firing all rockets at once.
    • Can be fired with a partial charge to fire only part of its magazine.
  • Very high recoil generated with every shot.
  • Weapon cannot be kept charged. It shoots immediately after being fully charged.
    • Must reload after each full charge.
    • Charged barrage spreads rockets out, reducing the effective range considerably.
  • Dangerous to use in close quarters, as a charged shot can potentially kill the player.
    • Rockets can explode on teammates, which can cause lethal self-damage.
  • Has an extremely limited amount of maximum ammo (30).
  • Difficult to use charged shots at long range due to spread.
  • Impractical for crowd-control due to rocket blast radii often overlapping, causing wasted projectiles. Fuerza magnum can help reduce this deficiency, as can a good sniping spot.
  • Rockets have a short delay after firing before being able to fire again.
  • Multidisparo will cause partially-charged shots to spread out further, eliminating its long range potential.
  • Small projectile size and slow projectile speed can make long range shots difficult.
  • Though small and fast, the projectiles can be struck in mid-air. Like the Ogris, this causes them to explode prematurely.
    • Potential for a charged barrage to chain-react, with potentially lethal results if user is caught by multiple overlapping blast areas.



  • The Prisma Angstrum can be purchased from Baro Ki'Teer in the Concourse section of the Tenno Repetidor for 210.000 Credits64 and 475‍PrimeBucks. Note that Baro Ki'Teer's stock changes with each appearance, and this weapon may not be available on a succeeding appearance.
  • Like Syndicate Weapons, unranked Prisma weapons without Forma and Catalizador Orokins can be traded between players.

gstrum's extremely fast charge rate before firing a full rocket swarm can allow players to eschew fire rate mods that would otherwise be needed on the normal variant, allowing for better damage-based builds.

  • Doppelgangers created by Mirage's Salón de espejos do not inflict self damage with their rockets.
  • When built for magazine capacity and multidisparo the Angstrum's fully charged shot will fire 12 rockets, with an 80% chance to fire 18.
    • Synergizing with Salón de espejos, the Angstrum can fire a maximum of 90 rockets in a single charge, with lowered accuracy the area of effect becomes very large.

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  • The Prisma Angstrum is the first Prisma secondary ever released.

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Actualización 22.12
  • El rango de maestría aumentó de 4 a 8
  • El daño por impacto directo aumentó de 175 a 200
  • La probabilidad de estado aumentó de 10 a 26% (en el juego pone 52.5%)
  • La probabilidad crítica aumentó del 10% al 18%
  • Daño crítico aumentado de 2x a 2.2x
  • La capacidad de munición disminuyó de 30 a 18
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