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Datalysts are Corpus enemies introduced in the Revisión 18.4.1 for the Operación: La deuda de la sombra event. They are effectively an upgraded Slo Scrambus, and likewise disrupt Mobility abilities, however their helmets cannot be shot off.

Similar to Artificieros, Datalysts have the ability to summon three Nemes.


  • Datalyst only drop rare mods, this makes them suitable for farming the stances Tragedia de Gaia and Máscara vulpina.
  • The Códice shows them as a variant of the Scrambus, with multiple modular weapons. However, in game they only wield the Swarmer Detron.



  • Shooting a Datalyst in the back of the head results in a Sap helmet flying off the head and landing on the ground. Its original Slo helmet remains in place as it can't be shot off.
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