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Assault Mission is a special Sabotaje mission variant that takes place exclusively on the Fortaleza Kuva.

This mission type is limited to one Escenario, that will be accessible only after completing La guerra interna quest.

Objectives Editar

The mission is split into several major sections:

  • Breach the gates by delivering a moltecoil charge and defending it while moltecoil melts the locks. Can be completed stealthily if nearby enemies are dispatched and there is no active alarm.
  • Find and disable 3 Navar-Cannon systems before it fires the tectonic shot at the colony (timed challenge). Hacking a system or destroying an exposed circuit on the front of each bunker will lower its walls. Tenno may find it quicker to use the ziplines or parkour across the ravine, rather than running around to the back of other bunkers.
  • Reach the command center, acquire 3 telemetry keys, and defend the telemetry console while Lotus changes target.
  • Discharge the cannon into the nearby galleon and disable the telemetry system.


  • Archwing enemies can attack players on this Escenario and mission as a form of air support for your foes.
  • Assault is a particularly long mission. According to the developers it is the longest non-endless game mode made to date.

Patch HistoryEditar

Revisión 19.0.3
  • Polished aspects of Kuva Fortress Assault missions. Individual markers have been added to shootable targets during the 'destroy the targeting mechanism' phase, and added teleport action under the falling debris so players don't get stuck when it's destroyed.
  • Kuva Fortress Cache hunting has been moved to Fortress Exterminate missions as it makes more sense for the pacing of the mission demands.
  • Fixed 'You picked up a key' transmission on the Kuva Fortress Assault mission playing for all players rather than just the user picking up the key.

Actualización 19.0

  • Introduced.
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