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The Acechar mod allows the Kubrow Huras to cloak itself and its master when hostile entities are within range, similar to Shade's Fantasma Precept.

This mod is unique to the Huras Kubrow, and will be given to players upon incubation of a Huras Kubrow.


Rango Rango Coste de capacidad
0 14 0
1 16 1
2 18 2
3 20 3
4 22 4
5 24 5


  • Has an ~8 second cooldown after leaving any kind of stealth state, including Shadow Step, Pantalla de humo, Invisibilidad, Prowl and Arcane Trickery.
  • Similar to Ghost, the effect of Stalk cloaks the Kubrow and its master, rendering them invisible to enemies.
    • The visual effect is identical at present. The Kubrow will make a howl animation when activating it.
    • As with other cloaking abilities, enemies will be alerted by physical contact or noise made by the player such as firing a weapon.
    • The Kubrow itself will not engage enemies during Stalk. However, if it is already aggressive when Stalk activates, it can continue to attack without breaking cloak.
    • The activation range of Stalk is centered on the player and not the Huras Kubrow, however the Kubrow has to be within a certain distance to the player in order to activate the cloak.
    • Stalk can persist for more than 2 minutes. However, it does have a time limit.
    • Stalk has a larger detect range than Ghost.
    • The cloak will break when using a weapon but not when using a Warframe ability.


  • During the Defense mission in the Howl of the Kubrow questline for the Nai Zhen Collar, the effect of Stalk does not dissipate while attacking.
    • This may possibly be caused by the Kubrow not precisely occupying the player's Companion slot.
    • When using continuous beam weapons such as the Quanta, the player may be affected by the Stalk effect without dissipation if the ability is used while continually firing; effectively making the player able to deal damage while cloaked.