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• 16m

Chroma prime element color

Any suggestions for chroma prime element to choose?
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• 2h

Noob here

I finished the intro and my first mission. An heads up coming feom more experienced players? Also, when is free roam available? How do i access it?
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• 3h


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• 5h

Just got strun wrooth

Will strun wrooth hold up in base damage to guns like orca plasmor or tiger, or even heck
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• 5h

Ballas and the Lotus

-SPOILER WARNING- In case u didn't finish the cinematic quests especially sacrifice and Chimera proluge ......I was thinking from what we've seen in the sacrifice the lotus turned back to her original sentient form and left her tenno alone with Ordis giving them a syenthis (yeah I didn't spell that right)of the lotus to guide them instead. And from what we've seen in chimera proluge it looks like the lotus (now back to being Natah) want to complete her mission and kill all tenno and Ballas gave us the blueprint of the paracesis "the sentient slayer" so he is saying that we should KILL the lotus so the questions are should w actually trust ballas and fight the lotus cuz from what we've seen in the new war trailer the lotus looked she was preparing an army and at the end the Warframe lotus logo turned upside down so yeah everything is just leading to NOT believing lotus and killing her while trusting ballas. What do u guys think??!
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• 7h

peanuts prime

on reddit
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• 8h

"Fun" with randoms

So currently on ps4 and doing a Jupiter survival.

*enters MR 14 nidus*

Asks if i have a Mic and then proceeds to tell me everything will be alright and how he's done 3hr survials and he's a op God.

*nidus walks into group of lvl 15-20 enemies*

Nidus: i find it funny because I'm so op that they're not doing any damage to me.

Me: *deathly silent*

Nidus: so insane how new are you to warframe?

Me: *unmutes Mic* oh I'm actually MR 23 on Xbox i just started over on PlayStation.

Nidus: *goes quiet then finishes mission and leaves*

Morale of the story: not everyone is a noob who doesn't know how to shoot.
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• 9h

Late Night Thought

If Orokin tech and weaponry was the original design and designs of tech by Tenno and Corpus are based off of them. Doesn’t that make Braton Prime the real MK-1 Braton?
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• 9h

The New Strange

While revisiting the derelict which key(Dragon or Derelict) should i take with me?
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• 9h

Just a spider taking a dip?

He looks different...got some turrets on his head. Future boss maybe?
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• 11h

Mods and Fusing

I’ve only ever upgraded mods and sold them. I’ve tried combining a few mods occasionally, but I’ve never gotten anything good from doing that.
Is there really any advantage to combining them at all?
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• 11h

x99 Mod Name Description

I tried to look it up in the wiki first couldn’t find it someone explain this to me please.
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• 14h


Warframe memes.......

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• 15h

hey look

when hull integrity fails
ekpetsitape koypipey!!!
when there was no warframes
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• 15h

Noob needs certain mod: grind or nah?

Hello, I am a humble noob. I'm wondering is there any way to quickly get a certain mod? I'm looking for serration, but I can only get flawed ones. Is the only way to get one, without being in a clan, to grind my way through a mission with its drop potential over and over again (Ie doing everest over and over again)? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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• 15h
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• 18h


What do you guys think of sybaris prime? Other than MR is it worth it over dex? I'm not quite sure...
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• 18h

Here you go.

WARFRAME www.facebook.com
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• 18h

WF Pets How Do You Get Them?

I haven't been playing warframe for a while I just started But I have Been Dying to get q pet but I cant find any pet thar are free please help.
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• 21h

Price check

Who much would mag prime go for (xbox1)
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