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Dancing in the Moonlight

Hope y’all like it, it’s my first shot at doing Captura
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Switch only: Recruiting clan members

If you wish to join a clan search for Dawn Breakers. Tenno and Orokin labs available. Orokin Lab's Solar Brail Blueprint is still missing though.
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My first heroism!

So I was browsing primes, and was looking at all of the polarities for future builds. Suddenly, Mesa Prime. I saw an Edit by "A Lone Tenno" about Mesa's.. *Cough cough*

Anyway, put a stop to that! Are there bots for this kinda thing or should I keep an eye out every so often?

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What's the best primary

What's the best damaging primary and how do i get it
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Looking for ps4 clan

So I'm looking for a relaxed clan to join. Currently MR 1 but far from beginner in terms of experience.

Just looking for a clan to occasionally play with while I get myself halfway to where i am on Xbox.
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Ninja for Destiny

Hey everyone, this is Fatherwolf730 here bringing a little clan recruiting your way. While we arent a big clan yet, we are going. Most of clan refer to me as Santa because I like to bring my fellow Tenno gifts haha. Anyways we have a continually growing dojo with lots of research completed. The founder and myself are almost always on and always willing to lend a helping hand. Not too mention the many incentives that go along with joining us. So stop on by and see what we have in store for you. We are a PS4 clan.
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Ps4 @ 4 Danielle just said

“Check the wiki”

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Does the stalker still drop his scythe? Faced the pecker head countless times and he never drops the damn thing. Is it even worth having ?
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Does anybody have any spare nova prime parts we can trade👍
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I used Mirage for a bit before and I have now rebuilt her. Unfourtunately I can't seem to wrap my head around some way to not die to pyrotechnic ogris or really anything with an aoe. It just seems like the clones aren't working for me... Idk

Any tips?

Edit: Also I use her as a melee frame mostly. Is that the problem?
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Chroma prime

Can you tell me the best way to farm systems relic plz?
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Not Sure if This Made the Rounds Yet.


Warframe - The New War | Warframe X Avengers: Endgame Trailer
Warframe - The New War | Warframe X Avengers: Endgame Trailer YouTube
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Wow! This is best operator in my opinion!

r/Warframe - Operators deserve a good capturas, too, right?
r/Warframe - Operators deserve a good capturas, too, right? reddit
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Neck infestation

I've had this neck infestation for a while and i always take it off by making a pet so how do i permanently take it off
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I'm using max galatine in mastery rank 6 ...got any melee better in mind?
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U guys killed the stalker yet he gives you the dread, I have it I just need to know how good it is
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Mag prime

When will it be vaulted?
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Orb Vallis. Let's break this name of a weird ass name for a place on Venus down.

Orb Vallis. Speak the name quickly, and it sounds like Orvallis or Orballis. 3ither wae, the part without the Or sounds like Ballas' name Ballas. Maybe this was a biggy planned out honey moon place Ballas big boi planned for a long time. But Margulis liked Earth, so that is not a valid thonk.

Maybe it's representing the circular atmosphere the whole place is sealed in. But then the place should be called Dome Vallis. Cross that out.

Wait wait wait... Orb Vallis has an Orb Mother. Orb Mother is round. Orbs are round. But wait, uwo what's this? Crosshairs are surrounded with round outlines of a scope. Orb Vallis has 🅱️ in it! Grenades are round! (No they aren't always rou-) SHTFKU (nani) Orokins are deadass skilled at science things and shooting things. They are quick thonkers and good brain havers. Obviously, they play lots of CSGO to mainta- (GET THIS IDIOT OUT OF HERE) NO U WILL NOT LET OF OF ME RELEASE ME AT ONCE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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