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Not many people playing anymore?

So back when i played this game a few months ago there were always many open squads, i see many people always online. But ever since i got back into this game last week ive noticed that i see barely any people on this game anymore, no one is ever on maroos bazzar, i dont see people in cetus, 2 was the most ive see. Idk im wondering if you guys have the same thing going on
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PC Wiki Group Captura Update

This is aimed towards people on this list (PC section): https://www.dropbox.com/s/88cg484pn90t03v/Wiki%20Users.xlsx?dl=0

First of all, you have not missed it. Mainly because a designated date wasn't planned yet/

(Wasn't Meghan organizing all this?)

Yes. She is. She got consoles all sorted out and done. But she's only on console. So how is she gonna do PC?

She isn't. That's where I come in.

Meghan asked me (and Gaikki I think) to do PC side. I said sure.

But I was busy with college and real life that I couldn't find a good date to do it.

Good news though, I have most of next week off from school. Plenty of time to get this done.

My plan is to probably start on that Monday at like 3:30 pm.

(My timezone is Central Time, or UTC -6:00)

(Use this to help: https://www.timeanddate.com/time/map/


Considering this is my first time collaborating with a lot of people, it might not go smooth at first. But at least it's a good starting point for future collaborations.

I'll update you guys if anything were subject to change.

Let me know any concerns or questions in the replies below.

Dropbox - Wiki Users.xlsx
Dropbox - Wiki Users.xlsx www.dropbox.com
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(Ignore) srry

Already got help ignore this plz.
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Talking about the state of wikia

As we progress and Warframe becomes more popular and the wiki gets more usage, something that becomes more obvious is that wikia is pretty shit sometimes, and especially since we are getting merged into the "fandom" website, I think we should try to do some other kind of host, maybe something custom. I know the wiki is used by everyone, so I feel like it deserves an upgrade in the host.

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How much?

I just got two new riven mods. I havent rolled them yet. Do you maybe know the price?

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WTB Ember Prime Set

Looking for a really cheap Ember Prime set. Only have 100p contact me via in game @AimedDarmith
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Rest In Peace Stan lee

Some Tenno are coloring themselves as marvel characters and kneeling
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Don't play with fire (2).


Don't play with 3D fire.
Don't play with 3D fire. Imgur
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Thoughts on garuda

I wanna hear thoughts on gurada and how useful and fun she us to play before i work my ass off to get her Becuase from what i seen she doesn’t seem like god tier but i havent gotten a chance to play her myself,so how is she?
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• 9h

Is Wukong a good frame?

I've been building wukong for a bit now and i wanna know if he's any good before i build him
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• 10h

ATLAS prime

Is coming next year!!!!!!! Anybody else excited?
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• 10h

48 Hour Farm grind (Ps4)

I nees help with finding locations that has the best chance of dropping Plastics, Salvage, Polymer Bundle, Orokin cells, Circuits, Oxium, and Alloy plates! So of you have any ideas or wanna help please commemts below or message me on playstation if you wanna help farm with me too. Thank you for reading this and taking your time.

Psn: JokerMugs221
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• 10h

Mastery rank

I've been playing warframe for five years and my mastery rank is only 8 how do I raise it faster? I've been wanting to get the optic or and I can build it but it requires mastery rank 14.
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• 11h

Nidus and umbral mods

Does anyone know if it’s possible for all 3 fully maxed umbral mods to fit on a 5 to 6 forma nidus also when does fortuna drop on PS4
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• 11h

LF a clan.

Any clan to join plz. I am palying on ps4. I am not a new player but i'm not either a pro. I just want a place to call home in warframe have some fun with other players that could teach me things. Thank you!!!
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• 11h


I need a good build for ash's smoke screen ability and his shuriken ability
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• 13h

Octavia build

Is there any good build for Octavia? I just got her to max rank and installed a potato 🥔.

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• 14h

Build for Frost

I don't know how to make great build for Frost, can someone help me with it? You can give me some advice how to play Frost too. :)
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