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Walrus Frame: [PH] Wlarus

There are no numbers for stats and energy cost yet I'm just putting the bare bones out there.

Passive: Blubber- 50% chance to resist status effect. Or Takes less damage and reduced status time. (Haven't decided)

#1 ---- : Wlarus can fire our "tusks" that impale enemies dealing impact and puncture damage with a chance to process cold and bleed. Can be charged to deal increased damage and increase range as well as status chance.

#2 Vibrasse: Wlarus will emit a loud bark sound revealing enemy locations as well as stunning them.

#3 ---- : Damage dealt by all weapons and abilities as well as armor is slightly increased at the cost of movement speed.

#4 ---- : Exalted dual swords(with their own Stance) that are serated tusks. Deals Slash puncture and cold damage with chance to process bleed.
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• 55m

An angel at DE

That will be really useful
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Subscribe to pewdiepie

Us gamers need to help him in the war against The series
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Twitch drop

Did anyone else watch the devstream yesterday and not get a twitch Drop?
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• 2h

Ember or Excalibur

I need help on who to choose should I pick ember or Excalibur please help.
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Looking for ppl to join a Rank 9 clan PC

My name is in game
Text me if u are willing to join we are nice pll and time at time help eachother by makeing fun pvp dules against eachother and if u participate u get a small bit of plat. (Doesnt happen that often)
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• 5h


I need help!! I didnt play warframe for a long time...
Im not understanding how focus work... I try to watch some tutorials on yt... i understand how to gain affinity... But im not understanding how lens works...
I mean a part giving you affinity.. they also affect your equipment? (I didnt equip one)
All tutorials say that those trees affect only the operators... but if naramon is for melee weapons... how can affect my operator? Which melee we are talking about? Im confused...
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• 6h

Clan PS4

Looking for clan. Got most of the warframes happy to help out or chill
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• 7h

Looking for a clan

I’m looking for a clan, platform pc
IGN: FluxHunterz
Online now
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• 10h

I have learnt a new fighting style

Baruuk has taught me the way of the Savage
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• 14h

What is your best setup you use in fortuna

Just wondering what people are liking
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• 14h

Clem king < where that trippy art patches> destroyed by a mechanical bomb

A total memory meltdown on my phone. Wi th 1750 peices of warframe abstract art. My heart saddens and so I must start anew. My sd card is in darvos bin from the void maybe a tenno will find it .

Atlas shrugged... my minor error in uploading to save space has blown up on my face.

Only a few were saved within the void .. the monster ticks that run the ice planet I didn't remember so much ice.

My random thought

As I scury into my the void ... I start a new season of warframe and hoverbords.. ahhhhhhhhhhh... so excited

Haven't found my shrooms yet tenno
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• 15h


I got a code for warframe booster pack with a free 7 day affinity booster and an opticor (got it via notification), so i thought, ok DE.
I play on xbox and don't know if this is platform exclusive.
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• 17h

I require opinions!

So I'm in this clan, I won't name drop it just for security reasons, (and they're huge fucking weebs) but the higher ups in the clan have it as a requirement for the rest of the clan to farm pigments the day they come out. Best part is they'll hold weapon research captive (and sometimes clan events) until a pigment has been completed.

Another thing I saw today was a member who frequently asked for a groups or advice on rivens, who was then kicked because that was "against the rules."

Now, I'm no clan leader, but what I'm asking of all of you, is your opinion on the matter. Am I in a clan of scumlords or I it like this in every moon/mountain/storm clan?

Pic not related btw
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• 19h

Weird ass cyst

So this pink ball with a hair sticking out of my neck it’s creeping me out any know how to remove this thing
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• 19h


This is just awesome
Warframe: Super Space Ninjas
Warframe: Super Space Ninjas YouTube
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• 19h

Curious about prices

I've just introduced my self to the world of trading in Warframe, I am so low on plat and I need alot that why I want to start trading but the thing is that I dunno the prices so I was wishing if someone can tell me tips on how I can know the range of prices for anything I wanna sell, just so I don't overprice sth or don't sell it for too low plat and lose alot. And I started using warframe.market hoping that it might help me trade alot as well cuz I heard it's from the best ways to get plat and finally I need to understand prime vault cuz I feel like it has sth to changing of the prices and I still don't understand it . So yeah please I need help
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• 20h

Octavia songs

If anyone makes a mandachord layout for bitch lasagna let me know
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