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• 17m

Best Bow

I was wondering what would be the best bow. Because I am a Ivara Main it is required to have a bow. Thanks for the help.
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• 37m
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• 1h

Volt prime

How much would a full volt prime set sell for on Xbox one?
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• 1h

Y la barra de busqueda ???

En mi opinion esta Wiki nesesita una con urgencia

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• 1h

Fortuna is now on console (xbox + ps4)

Ps4 has finally got the update too, praise red text! As to why its 3gb larger...
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• 1h

Weapon versus

So I have both vulkar raith and rubico prime and I wanted to know which one is better for eidelon hunting
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• 1h

Argonia’s life

What happens when her health reaches zero? Will she be dead and no longer usable permanently at that point if I don’t but DNA stabilizers before then or will she still be there at zero and I can always bring her back with stabilizers? also could someone explain stasis to me? Sorry for so an early game question I’m MR7 and just completed the quest I originally skipped over it (btw I just love the accessibility of the warframe app 🤩) thank you 🙏
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• 2h

Fortuna twitch drops return

Sorry if you guys already know this and I come off as a know-it-all prick, but I don't think DE has spread the word much about this. I got from Neoness's video that Fortuna twitch drops were returning from this Monday to the next. Again, sorry if everyone already knew this.
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• 5h

Fashion Frame contest [PS4]

My clan is hosting a Fashion Frame contest. Winners of the contest will get 290 plat and 2 Prime Warframes. Contest begins 16 December. Name your ID if interested.
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• 8h

(PS4) Looking for new clan members

I’m looking for new clan members on PS4. My clan works towards helping new and veteran Tenno from across the origin system. for more information check my BIO
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• 8h

Personal headcourters

When i finished the sacrifice quest it said i had to build my personal room, but i had already build it. Is it like a bug or could you just build the room before the quest?

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• 9h

For everyone on console..

Fortuna is coming today! *grabs noisemaker* How does this work?
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• 10h

[PS4] Looking for a clan to join

I'm a not-so-new player but still new to many things in warframe. MR 4, just unlocked Ceres. Looking for a clan, old or new, to join. I'm a working individual so I play about an hour a day, 4 times a week on an average. But I'm willing to contribute as much as I can to the clan. My ID is "ragingRed19".
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• 11h
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• 11h

Strong Independent Women lol 🙆‍♂️

Having a fully built and operational solo clan is great gives me that Superman fortress of solitude feel empowerment in isolation 💪 I see how he gets the job done ✅ 😂 (accomplishments)
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• 13h


Hey guys! I was wondering...

Is it possible to post video clips here as well as pictures?

Also, my console Tenno, who’s hyped for fortuna tomorrow? Imma leave my PS4 on via sleep mode so it can download the update while I’m at school.
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• 15h

Rhino Prime

I made an Eidolon build with Strength, Duration and Efficiency.
Does an Iron Skin Rhino need Strength and Armor like a Frost?
I have one in the foundry that's almost done being made. If anyone wants to level up later.
Its about time I try an index Rhino.
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• 15h

Clan members needed

I am new to this game but I have started a clan, the Martian Landlords. I am open to anyone who wants to join a clan and have fun.
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• 15h

Really need plastids

Does any one know where I can farm a lot of plastics? I need them to get rhino
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• 16h

Mesa Farm

Is anyone farming Mesa on switch? I really need her parts...
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