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Can u have energizing dash and lightning dash at the same time or does one cancel the other
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I had warframe twitch on all day

And I got Khora!!!!......’s alternate helmet. Dammit.
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Tip for Xbox players

You can play Warframe with mouse and keyboard. That's all
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Fortuna review and thoughts

Fortuna: it's pretty good, didn't encounter any bugs, lot's of stuff to do, reached the standing cap pretty quickly.
Orb vallis: H U G E, didn't have enough time to explor teh entire map in one day, only had two bugs, one where two dropships where doing donuts and another where enemies where shooting me through the elevator.
Mining: much easier
Conservation: enjoyed it a lot, it was fun tracking down oversized alien rats (pobbers).
Fishing (shockprod): new, and not that hard.
Kitguns: grind has been noticeably lessened, nearly got the resources for one of the parts.
Moas: haven't gone in depth yet.
K-drives: so fun, better than expected.
Quest: really interesting, fun to explore the solaris lore and the map.

That's all for now, may post later about more fortuna stuff, (and B.T.S is cancelled, if you have question, see my last post)
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• 6h

Will grate prime ever be back?

I need grate prime to be back and i want to know if it will ever be back. (Its real look it up in the app)
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Kung Pao Kubrow

What do you think the best seasonings for a kubrow would be? And do you think plastids would be a good garnish for this dish?
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• 7h

Warframes end

So most likely you will outlive warframe, and when warframe dies, does DE have to pay back all the people who bought plat and primed stuff?

As a side question, what would you think would kill warframe?
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What s the best amp combination for eidolon hunting
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• 10h

Best weapon for Frost

My friend is wanting to know the best weapon for Frost he is a Frost main any help?
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• 11h

Zaws - Signature builds.

Hi guys. I'm looking for advice on signature builds for zaws. All zaws are modular and can be mixed and matched to get desired stats. But I want to know if there are any existing synergies of a certain combination of a zaw with a certain warframe abilities or playstyle. For example the balla dagger zaw with covert lethality build has good synergy with inaros and ash. So I built one with Balla+Peye+Vargeet Jai II. Feel free to suggest your combinations.
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• 11h

Best melee??

What is the best melee atm on PS4 that’s not primed
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Is it just me that doesnt like when you automatically follow a person just because you commented on their post? Ik this doesnt have anything to do with warframe but im kinda pissed to follow so many people without me even wanting that.

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• 16h

Warframe Twitch

Just saw that they are doing twitch drops on twitch would that mean I need to watch a live stream to get the drops? Also how do you get twitch prime rewards on switch?
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• 22h

Perfect test of sanity.

Switched on my PC after 4 days to play some warframe. Sortie 1 spy and this happens.

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Idk why I found this funny

Tenno: *has fought enemies a millions times stronger than a couple corpus robots*
Tenno: I need a moment. 😐

(Yes ik this is for people that don’t have time to do that rn and want to do it later but still)
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